Six foot, short legs, and a big belly – Undoubtedly I can pass for Fred Flintstone…although, I’m bald.

Born with a pencil in hand (left) and set out to draw my way into stardom. Should have known I was doomed when I got in trouble for drawing cartoons on school assignments. Punishment was writing 100 times, “I will finish my assignments.” So, I drew in block letters…100 times. Motto: If I am to be punished, I am going to have fun doing it!

Ran away and joined the Army at an early age, retired, and then sought a career other than a starving artist. Earned a Information Technology Management degree from Christian Brothers University. A military career behind me, tech degree in my pocket, and a thirst for creativity I entered the Training & Development field where I now study putting the design back in the instruction.

I’m also Chief Nugget Head (CNH) at NuggetHead Studioz: Illustrate – Animate – Ideate. Visual and instructional design, eLearning, cartooning, and animation.

Little known fact: I never learned how to write in cursive.